tisdag 18 februari 2014

Om att ha tvillingar

Så mycket igenkänning redan! "25 practical tips about the horrors of raising twins that you will never learn from movies and TV"
4. No matter what kind of twins you have, the first thing everyone you encounter will say is "Are those twins?" People will cross the street to say this to you. They will come out from behind store displays, roll car windows down, leave their vehicles at the gas pump. No matter how many advanced degrees they posses, how many children they have of their own, or how intuitive and erudite they may be normally, they will still ask, "Are those twins?"
12. You will have no money. Ever again.
15. If you already have a young child, and now you are having twins, you have to buy a minivan. This seems like a joke. I wish so fervently that it were a joke. But you literally have to go. Right now. The guy who shows them to you is going to talk up the cup holders, as though you care at all about cup holders. Just tell him to quit it with the snow job and find you the cheapest, safest minivan on the lot. Then come home and cry. You just bought a minivan!
Japp, det var det. :)

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  1. Hahaha skrattade hysteriskt åt samtliga punkter! :-)

    1. :) Jag har inte hunnit uppleva alla än, men förväntar mig att de kommer!